Embroidery is a versatile way to instantly add a refined, elevated look to a garment. Our team of experts has an extensive understanding of fabrics, art, the embroidery process and what it takes to produce a great sew-out, and we take special care during every step of the process to ensure that your finished product looks as crisp, clean and beautiful as possible.
Tackle Twill
Going for the classic college look? Consider one of our appliqué decoration methods! Tackle twill is a classic that involves sewing appliqué fabric onto a garment. This is typically done using two layers of twill with corresponding thread colors as shown in the example above.
Or, if you want to add some extra flair, this can also be done with patterned fabric:
Felt Appliqué
Felt is another appliqué option that lends more of a retro feel to a garment.  This can be done using two layers or a single layer with an embroidered outline, as shown above.
3D Foam
3D foam embroidery, also known as 3D puff, is a type of embroidery where the design is raised above the surface. Often seen on caps, this method really makes a logo pop!
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