On Apparel
We can screen print on just about any fabric item. Screen printing is the tried-and-true method of adding artwork to a garment and by far the most popular the method of print.
On Plastic
What goes for apparel goes for plastic as well, and other materials similar to plastic. We can print your design or logo on just about everything.
On Metal
Screen printing on metal is not unlike plastic. While the option exists for engraving metal--which we do as well, screen printing looks great on metal items and the material provides a polished background for the artwork.
On Others
Foam is another type of material you can screen print. In fact, if the fabric or material's surface is short and dense enough, you can screen print it. We can screen print on nylon, polyester, rayon, cotton, fleece, spandex, wool, performancewear, and more.
If you're looking for print that looks distressed, worn, or faded, we can do that as well. This affect is achieved by software--by modifying the design before printing.  The desired final look is printed directly onto the garment.
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