Outfit your team, squad, school, organization...we make it easy by doing the work for you.

Product Selection
First, we work with you to choose the items you'd like to offer.

We sell over a million products and we have tried and tested many of them. We can help you select the best items and color offerings for your needs.

Art & Placement
We work with you to select the decoration method and logo placement that will work best for each individual item.

If you don't have artwork, we can create it for you! Our in-house design team has years of experience in both graphic design and decorating custom products, so we can create logos that will work together to maintain cohesive branding across a variety of products.
We can create a sell sheet for you with a link to your own online storefront that people can access from their phone, tablet, or computer.

Once your organization is finished ordering, we close out your storefront and begin production.

We total the orders, order the goods, decorate, and prepare for packing.

Fulfillment and Distribution
Once all the goods are decorated, we carefully fold and pack each order.

Then, according to your preference, we either bulk deliver to your organization or individually ship the orders.
If you want to explore the ways that we can outfit
your fans, your school, your business, your group, or your event, call us!  Our number is 888.283.5252.  Don't have time now?  Just drop us a note below and we'll find a good time to chat.