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Be visible

Some things are indispensable. You can't leave home without your keys, and you never leave your phone behind. You see these things every day. Same goes for your clients.

Be useful

Give your clients something they'll actually use. If you can be visible on something indispensable, all-the-better. Think "longevity."

Be appealing

What do people really want? What do you want? That name-brand polo shirt looks nice but did you know that it actually costs the same as the bluetooth keyboard?

Your first preference?
Bluetooth keyboard
Polo shirt
oll Maker
Be timely

If you've only got one shot, go with the indispensables, but if you can market more than once, seasonal products are a great way to stay in front of your clients.

Private Storefronts
Want to have your own internal webstore for your company? We do that. You can select everything you want to offer, and you can even password-protect the store to keep the general public out. Even your salespeople can have their own section with promotional items to buy and give away to your clients.
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